“How On Earth Did We Get This Far?”

(A History of No Way Out: Jan 2000 – August 2012)


It all started way back in 2000 when drummer Maz decided it was time to leave his current band “Cobra”. Pete H, who had been a big fan of “Cobra” and developed a friendship with the band, persuaded Maz to start a new band together. Maz and Pete spent almost the next 12 months auditioning members for the new band, trying out various musicians but to no avail as no one fitted in with what both Maz and Pete wanted to achieve. Close to giving up it was a reply to an advert in the local paper that would change everything as Pete and Maz agreed to hold an audition for the three musicians interested, Craig a Lead/Rhythm Guitarist, Peter ‘Railroad’ G a Rhythm/Lead Guitarist and Rod a Bass Guitarist. Both Maz and Pete, extremely happy with the audition, offered the trio the chance to join and in January 2001 the new band took its first steps into the wide world as “No Way Out” Mk1 was born.


The first gig of the newly formed Band was at an open day for Hassocks Football Club and although only playing six songs they went down extremely well, this was followed by a full gig at The Sussex Arms in East Grinstead which went on to became a regular fixture on the gig list until it was taken over by new management. More gigs followed and “No Way Out” slowly picked up fans and venues including a couple of Thursdays at Piries Wine Bar in Horsham, a small venue where the band had to park in a multi-story car park, get shopping trolleys and push the gear across a shopping centre to get there. Another early gig saw the band play in The Pelham Buckle in Crawley where they were joined by Fish from the band “Juicy Lucy” and for a few of these early gigs the band was joined by former Gutbuckets Saxophone player Lucy.


In 2002 after only a year, Rod stunned the rest of the band by announcing he had to leave because as he was moving up to Lincoln, so the hunt was on to find a replacement. In stepped an old friend of Craig’s from his days with “Cry Wolf”, Dave, and Rick (now in the band “The Noodleheads”) to help out the band by doing stand in duties on Bass. With the amount of gigs the band had already got booked, Rick was unable to commit so Dave was asked to join the band full time and he gladly accepted. With a new bass player “No Way Out” Mk2 was ready to rock!


The band was now up to full strength once again, with more gigs being booked in places like The Star in Lingfield, which also saw the band perform at an open-air concert with other bands and Radio Mercury supporting the event. At a gig in the Lingfield Sports and Social Club the band decided to hire some people to record the event and in true Spinal Tap style only about four people turned up! But soon it was time to enter the recording studio to record the bands debut album. For four days the band recorded at Esselle Studios in Dyke Road, Brighton, Pete H was suffering from glandular fever and poor Maz was stuck in a tiny drum booth, despite this “First Offence” was finished with Jo Clarke singing Backing Vocals. Craig wanted Jo to join full time but was concerned about space on stage, unfortunately Jo and her husband John moved to Wales shortly afterwards (although they do travel to see the band every now and then, with Jo joining the band on stage to sing). The second album “Love Is A Gamble” was recorded at 811 Studios in Cowfold, which was recommended to the band by “The Midnight Howlers” and much to the band’s delight had old valve style equipment which gave a more ‘rock’ sound to the album. The album was finished in seven days but it took about another year and a half for the album cover to be designed!


In July 05 “No Way Out” where invited to participate in a Charity Concert for Children In Need to be held at the beginning of November that same year. Craig and Peter ‘Railroad’ G had an idea that they would get as many friends, who could play an instrument and who had also at some point worked with them, to ‘guest star’ with “No Way Out”. The night itself was a success and led to one of the guests, Jason, to jokingly remark that if they ever needed a keyboard player they could always call on him. In June 06 the band was looking at expanding and considered adding a keyboard player so Craig decided to take Jason up on his offer and asked him along to few rehearsals. Everything went well and it seemed as though Jason had been part of the band for ages so they asked him to join fulltime. Of course Jason jumped at the opportunity (the band are still waiting for him to get a “No Way Out” tattoo so they can change the name of the band!) and “No Way Out” Mk3 was unleashed onto the unsuspecting world at the end of August 06. With the band slowly settling in as a newly expanded six piece, 2007 saw another small hiccup within the ranks. Maz had been suffering from a hernia for the last half of 2006 and it was time for him to finally get it operated on at the end of February. March 07 saw two ‘guest’ drummers fill in for Maz whilst he recovered from his surgery in the shape of Paul (Craig’s former drummer in “King Waller”) and Neil, whom Craig and Pete ‘Railroad’ G knew from their work. For the next three months both Neil and Paul helped out on drumming duties whilst Maz had to sit and watch from the audience! It wasn’t until the end of May/beginning of June that the band would be back together again.


The beginning of 2008 saw another major upheaval within “No Way Out” starting with Pete H having a nasty fall and breaking his left wrist in January. This was followed closely by Dave suffering from a perforated eardrum at the beginning of February meaning he would have to temporarily relinquish bass duties for at least three months until it healed. To make matters worse Jason was involved in a motorcycle accident, also at the beginning of February, and so he too was out of action for the next two months with a broken right hand. To help with the situation “The Noodleheads” Rick was again called upon, as well as two friends of the band, Nick and Mick, to fill in on bass duties and the set was altered to accommodate the lack of a keyboard. Suddenly at the end of February 08, out of the blue, Dave dropped the bombshell that he was leaving “No Way Out” and the race was on to find his permanent replacement. With Mick agreeing to continue to help out with bass duties at our gigs, the band held auditions with a number of Bass players but no one quite fitted in with the band. Jerry had been a fan of the band since seeing them play at The Fountain in Chichester and it was his wife Jan who suggested he contact them to audition. At the end of March 08, Jerry auditioned for the band, although it was a short audition it was all the rest of the band needed to know that Jerry was the man to hire and within a few days he was offered the job. With six weeks to get up to speed and getting up to play one or two numbers at a couple of gigs, Jerry was ready and “No Way Out” Mk4 burst forth at the end of May 08.


February 2011 saw another turn of events for the band when Jerry decided to call it a day and announced to the shock of everyone that he was hanging up his Bass with “No Way Out”. The race was once again on for a replacement with Noodlehead Rick once again stepping in to help out at gigs along with Hugh from “The Racket”. As luck would have it, the planets aligned and Lords of Rock intervened so that the band wouldn’t have to look too far for a new Bass player. Richie who was both a fan and friend of the band had already mentioned, in a throw away comment to Pete H, that should the need arise he’d be happy to step in either as a temporary stand-in or even join up full time. Pete H was soon on the phone to Richie and after a long meeting (okay a couple of pints in Railroad’s Front Room aka The Old House At Home) Richie was onboard and “No Way Out” Mk5 hit the road at the beginning of March 2011.


In March 2012 Maz shocked the band and announced he had decided that after 30 years of drumming it was time to hang up his sticks and retire. So the band put the feelers out and held an audition with Maz happy to drum for a few gigs whilst we chose his replacement. With a successful audition of 3 potential drummers and a long chat within the band, Gavin was asked if he wanted to jump in at the deep end. Luckily for us he gladly accepted and with a ceremonial hand over between Maz and Gavin at The Crow's Nest. Sadly Gavin couldn't stay and after only 2 awesome months left, so the race is once again on for a replacement drummer. As the months past the band thought they had a suitable replacement but it wasn't to be until one fateful day at the end of August 2012 when Maz decided that retirement wasn't for him and asked to come back full time.


Now back together again "No Way Out" Mk5 go from strength to strength, with a diary full of gigs (50+) and each one nearly sold out, an ever expanding fan base, the first and second albums selling well, work on the third about to kick off in earnest the band now looks towards a long future of ROCK ahead....










No Way Out Mk1:


Peter “Railroad” G – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Far Left)

Pete H – Vocals (Left)

Maz – Drums (Middle)

Craig – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Right)

Rod – Bass Guitar (Far Right)




No Way Out Mk2:


Peter “Railroad” G – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Far Left)

Craig – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Left)

Pete H – Vocals (Middle)

Dave – Bass Guitar (Right)

Maz – Drums (Far Right)



No Way Out Mk3:


Peter “Railroad” G – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Top Left)

Dave – Bass Guitar (Top Middle)

Jason – Keyboards (Top Right)

Maz – Drums (Bottom Left)

Craig – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Bottom Middle)

Pete H – Vocals (Bottom Right)



No Way Out Mk4:


Peter “Railroad” G – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Far Left)

Maz – Drums (Left)

Jason – Keyboards (Middle Left)

Pete H – Vocals (Middle Right)

Jerry – Bass Guitar (Left)

Craig – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Far Right)



No Way Out Mk5:


Peter “Railroad” G – Rhythm/Lead Guitar (Far Left)

Jason – Keyboards (Left)

Richie – Bass Guitar (Middle Left)

Pete H – Vocals (Middle Right)

Craig – Lead/Rhythm Guitar (Right)

Maz – Drums (Far Right)








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