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Apologies for the lack of blog writing, but it’s been a busy time with one thing or another, no excuse I know, but hey!!

Back at ‘The Duke ‘ We haven’t played here  for quite a few years. It was a great night with a packed house all there for the music, which the pub promotes and encourages. (what a change). All set up and sound checked by 8.30. Ready to start at 9.15. The set started with Whitesnake’s ‘Fool for your loving’ then into ‘Play ball’ by ACDC. The evening warmed up with some Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple’s well as some lesser known songs by Skin. The first set ended with ACDCs Thunderstruck, with everyone joining in.

The second set started with Queens ‘Tie your mother down’ and then into ‘Its my life’ to great applause and singing. The set finished with Welcome to the jungle and Whole lot of Rosie.

It was a great night with a great crowd and fantastic beer. Well worth going to. We will be booking up again soon, so look out on our gig list. Thank you to everyone who came along, you know who you are. See you all soon.



The CROWS NEST – 26/3/16

Well it was good to be back at the Crow’s Nest last Saturday. We haven’t played there for quite a long time. I have to say it’s not the same since they put a carvery bar in where the stage used to be. Still it was good to be back.

We rocked up about 7.30 and finally got our equipment unloaded and set up on stage. Noel was performing drumming duties again as Alan was playing for Saxonise. The England v Germany friendly was on so we waited until that had finished before we started. It was chucking it down outside so what with that and the football we didn’t expect to get that many people along. We were really surprised when loads of familiar faces appeared. It was great to see you all.

We started the set with ‘Play ball’ – AC/DC, followed by ‘Give me all your loving’ by ZZ Top and then Iron Maiden’s  Stranger in a strange land’.  The first set finished with Wasted years. (2 Iron Maiden numbers in one set…good eh?).

After a very short break and a chat we started the 2nd set with Tie your mother down and then The Immigrant song (topical!) A new song by ‘Skin’ – ‘ House of Love‘ was next, this went down a storm. This was followed by a bit of Airbourne Then another new one…Aerosmith’s ‘Eat the Rich’  This went down really well as well. We finished the set with a request of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’.

Thank you all for coming along – too many to mention, but you know who you are.

See you all again at The Brambletye in Forest Row next Saturday.


The Old Market Friday 12th February

This was a gig of two thoughts. One was excitement about playing in such a great venue. The other was the reason we were doing it, which was in memory of Justin. So he was in our thoughts for the whole event, we even had his bass on stage on a stand. He would have loved it.

The Old Market is a lovely theatre, It can hold 500 people standing or 300 seated. It has a small bar in the auditorium and a large bar outside. It was pretty easy to load and unload equipment from the loading bay straight up the ramp onto the stage, (which is really unusual for us). After all the equipment and people had arrived and set up, each band had a sound check.

It’s nice to be able to hear yourself from a floor monitor, usually we are not mic’d up and just have a loud back line.

The doors opened at 7.00 and the first people rolled in pretty much straight away.

The first band the Guilty started at 7.30. (This was the band that Justin was playing in). They performed a great set with our own Richie Wicks standing in on bass for a few numbers, as he wanted to pay his respects to Tinman.

After a short break and a few beers, DYL were ready to go. They played a more ‘pop’ set that was excellent and gave a different dimension and variety to the evening’s music.

‘No way out’ were top of the bill and came on at 9.30. We started with ‘Hell aint a bad place’ by ACDC, followed by Queen’s ‘Tie your mother down’ and Airbourne’s ‘Too much, too young, too fast’. Then it was time for Glen to make his drumming debut. Glen has been the inspiration behind the whole event. He has only been drumming for a short while, and wanted to show his skills on a large stage. He performed ‘Back in black’ with us, to huge round of applause.

After that number Alan came back on and we carried on with ‘You give love a bad name’ by Bon Jovi, and ‘Shoot to thrill’. Big Pete said a few word before we played the next number, in tribute to Justin as the next song was one of his favourites. This was ‘Long arm of the law’ by Saxon. 2 more numbers …’Look but don’t touch’ by Skin and Iron Maiden’s  ‘Wasted years’ finished the night off.

It was a fantastic night, I will let you know how much money we have raised in due course. But thank you everyone who came along, contributed and helped.

Our next gig is Saturday 19th March at the 3 Crowns in Ashurst Wood.


The 3 Crowns – Ashurst Wood- Saturday 23rd January

Back at the 3 Crowns for the first time this year. Great to be back ! Good to see so many familiar faces again. It was also good to have Railroad back with us after his time off for sexual manoeuvres and playing with another band.

We were set up nice and early, but still made our drummer Alan, move his kit over by a foot. (He loves doing that). After a quick sound check and sorting out the lights we were ready to start.

We have changed the set around for this month and started with Hell aint a bad place and Shot down in flames by ACDC, this was followed by Stranger in a strange land by Iron Maiden. We added the old favourite, Blind Man by Deep Purple into the set, as we hadn’t played that for ages and thought that it would make a change. The first set finished with Skin’s Look but don’t touch.

After a well-deserved break, The second set started with Play ball and Tie your mother down. Followed by Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant song. The set finished with Whole lot of Rosie, to great applause.

I would like to thank everyone who came along and helped to make a great evening, you know who you are. Thanks go to the 3 Crowns…Andy and bar staff, and for their hospitality. We are back there on Saturday 19th March.

If you haven’t done already, please can you get your tickets for our charity gig at THE OLD MARKET theatre in Hove. This is in aid of MIND charity, and in memory of Justin (TINMAN) who tragically died last year. You have to get your tickets on line at the address on the poster. Hopefully see you all there.



The Potters – New Years Eve

It was good to know that this New Year’s eve, The Potters said that this was the fastest that they had ever sold out of the tickets. So we were off to a good start.

I had planned to set my gear up at 6, go home collect people, have a curry then go to the gig. Things never work out do they?  We had booked the curry for 7, so plenty of time. But after waiting an hour and no food, the restaurant said that it would be another half  an hour, and that I should have known that it wold take that long on new year’s eve. Well I didn’t know as I had booked for 7 and assumed that they would accommodate the larger crowd. So I had to leave without any food. Luckily the waiter drove me to the gig as it was close by. Still I got to the gig and the others had set up and were ready for a sound check. We started the set at 9.15 with’ Sharp dressed man’ , for a change followed by a bit of ACDC. The set finished at 10.15 with Iron Maiden’s ‘Wasted Years’. With a well deserved rest we started the second set at 10.45 with a tribute to Lemmy in the form of our own version of ‘Ace of spades’ . then ‘Play ball’ by ACDC. This set ended at 11.45 with Whole lot of Rosie.

The Pub then gave everyone a glass of wine and at  midnight we welcomed in the new year.

As a third set, we played a rocked up version of ‘Old Lang Syne’ followed by some Zep, more ACDC, Sabbath and finally Keep on rocking in a free world.

It was a great night and everyone there had a fantastic time. Thank you to Matt at the Potters for inviting us to play, we had a blast.

Our first gig of 2016 is at the Brewers Arms in Burgess Hill on Saturday 16th Jan.

If you haven’t done already, please can you get your tickets for our charity gig at THE OLD MARKET theatre in Hove. This is in aid of MIND charity, and in memory of Justin (TINMAN) who tragically died last year. You have to get your tickets on line at the address on the poster. Hopefully see you all there.



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